Our member of the NH House of Representatives in Carroll County District 1 (Bartlett, Jackson & Hart’s Location) has been in office for over 35 years at this point. He’s had 3 decades to become entrenched in Concord so its never too early to announce a campaign for that seat. In 2014 he beat me by 355 votes, in 2016 he won by just 139. In 2018 I will again challenge him and force him to answer for his votes that have done nothing to move NH forward.

During the 2016 campaign local Republicans, including Rep. Chandler, bragged about supposedly ending the Developmental Disabilities wait-list, working to end the opiod crisis facing NH and other social services spending they supported under Democratic then-Governor Sen. Maggie Hassan. One would think that now that the NHGOP controls both the NH Legislature and Governors office they would continue working on those issues. Instead their priorities were attacking organized labor and loosening gun laws.

On February 9th they passed “Constitutional Carry” legislation allowing anyone with a license to carry a firearm to carry it in a concealed way. As long as there is still a license to carry required I am ok with “Constitutional Carry” although I would like to see universal and more stringent background checks required for all gun purchases.

On February 16th the NH GOP tried to pass so called “Right to Work” legislation. “Right to Work” simply allows some workers to freeload off their counterparts by not contributing to the costs of collective bargaining that they all benefit from. The reason that the ‘Party of personal responsibility’ supports this kind of legislation every biennium is that it drains resources from organized labor and their corporate benefactors demand it. In NH only 10% of workers are covered by collective bargaining so this bill would’ve had little immediate impact on the NH private sector labor market. The true target are the 5–6% of NH workers who are state employee’s.

Guns and corporate interests. Those are the top 2 priorities of the NH Speaker of the House and his Deputy, Gene Chandler. Thankfully The Democrats in NH defeated “Right to Work” with the help of moderate Republicans, of which Rep. Chandler is not one of.

As a Representative my priorities would be building an economy that works for all of us by increasing the minimum wage, supporting early childhood education, defending out natural environment, ending the opiod crisis and rebuilding our infrastructure. I will go into more details on these priorities in the future but as the next Representative from Carroll County District 1 I will work to move our state towards an economy that works for all and an environment that is sustainable

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